Peckerwood Nation Rides Again

“The NRA was started 1871 right here in New York state," he said. "It was started by some Yankee generals who didn’t like the way my Southern boys had the ability to shoot in what we call the 'War of Northern Aggression.' Now y’all might call it the Civil War, but we call it the 'War of Northern Aggression' down south."

-Jim Porter, national leader of NRA Klavern

I am sure that I am not the only one sick to the point of vomiting over the incessant amount of caterwauling by perpetually persecuted red staters. These are cretins whose politicians using the wall of nullification that stifles all progress and they hunger to drag the country back to the days prior to civil rights advances to a time where the `colored folks' knew their place, drank from their own water fountains, sat in the back of the bus, did not dare to defile the decent white folk with their presence in dining establishments. Any `uppity neegroes' who happened to complain would be dealt with in short order by local yokels very likely finding themselves tortured, lynched or otherwise murdered for their `transgressions' against the established white supremacist ruling order. This spirit of the south exists to this very day.

Long aggrieved over societal progress, in addition to desegregation and civil rights another burr in the south's ass was the hated feminist revolution/women's rights movement that dared to offer up the heretical concept of equal rights for women. This was a slap in the face to southern men whose strong daddy sense of self was living in a world where the definition of a `good woman' was one who shut the fuck up, knew her place, cooked dinner, laid on her back and was content to live a life of subservience and deference to the lord of the `plantation' (even if said plantation was a rented single-wide trailer), or to otherwise be barefoot, pregnant and slavishly obedient. Given the regressive hostility of the south and the willingness of the Republican party to capitalize on southern desire to drag the country back to the good ole' days of Jim Crow, religious intolerance and a gross renunciation of intellectualism is only too deserving of a descriptive term from days past be resurrected for these folk and that word is peckerwood.

A peckerwood is a rural white southerner, usually poor, under-educated or otherwise ignorant and bigoted, the term gained popularity in the deep south during the early 20th century and was meant to be derogatory. It is a reversal of the name of the red bellied woodpecker which had a patch of red on the back of it's head and neck, therefore a peckerwood is a redneck, terms that describe similar groups of people are trailer trash or white trash but neither of those have the same effect or ring to them as peckerwood does. The corrupt media often refers to these rancid rejects as "social conservatives" rather than what they really are which is ignorant bigots, opposed to all but their own rustic and out of touch ideas of what this country should be about and prepared to use all means to stop the coming demographic wave.

The peckerwood era in the south was a time of glory for southerners, or at least as good as it got after General Lee's crying uncle and throwing in the towel to the hated yankees. They still had the Negroes to kick around and could freely exercise their domestic version of Apartheid, (`least till dose meddlin' hippie college boys began stickin' dere Jew noses where dey didn't belong and stirrin' up a ruckus) until that long avowed day when the south would rise again, and rising is just what it is doing in 2013. There were many who exalted when the Bushreich was sent packing in 2008, the so-called social conservative   movement was dealt a body blow and appeared to be on the ropes but their joy was premature. Movement conservatism and all of its social rubbish easily found a rallying point and emerged more potent than ever and as the country continues to be destroyed form within the lynching parties are mustering in the halls of Congress and the shock troops are reinvigorated at that which is most hated of all – a BLACK president. The honor of Jefferson Davis has been impugned and them good ole boys south of the Mason Dixon Line are a’gonna set things right again.

The nation’s first black president declared last year that if re-elected that the white hot “fever” that has gripped Republicans, especially southern teabaggers would break and that there would be some sort of a return to the reality based world. Now only four plus months into that term it is apparent that he was badly mistaken and while spending time at Harvard did not have him mingling with the northern version of the peckerwood southerners that are chock a block in Boston that he was badly wrong. This silly and naïve sort of statement has been the hallmark of what has to be one of the most politically inept administrations in U.S. history. The roiling cauldron of flaming resentment that was kept blazing by large swaths of the electorate would never and I mean NEVER accept that an black man would ever inhabit their precious WHITE House was only cranked up several notches. The “fever” that Obama referred to is an incandescent and newly weaponized one. Hotter than Willie Pete and more fiery than Napalm and it burns eternally in the portion of the U.S. of A that lives behind the cornbread curtain in the deep south. You see, the water moccasin mean, intellectually challenged and irrationally superstitious lot have yet to make peace with the historical fact that their side actually lost the Civil War. This alone has served as a rubbed raw sore on their asses for a century and a half and after having their noses rubbed in the shit of losing a war over slavery a second term black president only served to rub rock salt into that long festering wound. The pathological  scorn towards the northern states has like a precious family heirloom been passed down generationally so now there is a birthright of animosity in the south, just think of the Israelis and the Palestinians or any other long-running ethnic conflict. It exists right here in the good ole U.S. of A.

These are Americans who believe that shopping at Wal-Mart is patriotic, far too ignorant to realize that by doing so that they are contributing to their own entrapment in the permanent underclass as well as assisting in building China into a global economic powerhouse. Willful ignorance is both honorable and symbolic to southern culture, what better way to renounce the despised intellectualism of the liberal elite? While a good deal of the harnessing of overall cultural populist resentment can be attributed to Richard M. Nixon (currently roasting on a spit in Hades) and Spiro Agnew with their Southern Strategy and the “they think they know better than you” rallying cry that in recent times is shrieked from the blabbering pie hole of Sarah Palin, the Joan of Arc of the know nothings, it was in their blood from birth. The perpetually aggrieved southerners whose ancestors were mowed down in droves for their treasonous war against the legitimate government have always had it in them to rage against modernity and democracy, they hate it. Have hated it since the day that the signature of the hallowed General Robert E. Lee was affixed to the document of surrender at Appomattox and the confederacy was no more. The resentment stuck in their collective craws, thicker than blackstrap molasses through the reconstruction, the civil rights movement and now the diversifying of the country as the second decade of the 21st century has begun. Down in crackerland, where the stars and bars still flies (although it is currently being subbed out for the piss yellow Gadsden flag but more on that later) as it is displayed by the descendants of the very cannon fodder mobilized on lies and racial hatred to fight a treasonous war against the legitimate government of their own country.


Nowhere is the peckerwood a more dominant indigenous species than in God's own dumping ground for mass willful ignorance, deeply entrenched racism, incestuous relationships and outright pure stone-age tribalism and intolerance than Alabama. A state that was proud to be the home of former justice Roy Moore and his giant stone ten commandments tablet, a paean to the very idolatry that it specifically condemns. Moore is a man whose favorable rating probably even surpasses that of legendary college football coach Bear Bryant among the proud ignoramus red-staters who call that hellhole home. Now the Yellowhammer State has a new hero in NRA (Neurotic Redneck Assholes) Jim Porter, a serious and embittered hick who hit it big as the nation’s pre-eminent gun pimp. He is so conservative that he would eat a moonpie off of Rush’s hairy back. That Porter hails from Bama is no surprise, a fitting king for a state inhabited by lardasses and dumbasses (Alabama is always right up there when it comes to the most obese and badly educated  states in the U.S. according to studies). Alabamans, like most of their other southern brethren are trapped in an endless cycle of poverty, horn swoggled by charlatan preachers and fired up by bogus social crusades against a world that they do not belong in.

This is the reality of the situation: Deep South bible belt whites, primarily poor, increasingly hostile and always Republican now own a disproportionate amount of political power in America and they are determined to wield it like grandaddy’s war musket. They will use it in order to drag the country backwards through time to a dark place in our history that had apparently been buried in the past. They seek to return to the days where the American south was mired in the smothering blackness of a festering, hateful and corrupt parallel universe to the more progressive states above the Mason Dixon Line, trapped like dinosaurs in a tar pit. It was only through the courage of the civil rights movement and federal anti-discrimination laws that the roaring beast was able to be semi-tamed to a point where it would be able to interact with decent folk. Home schooling which is really religious indoctrination, think of a madrassa in every double wide will ensure that the next generation will be every big as fucked, hopeless and mean as their predecessors.

Hey, if you can't get to Talladega for the NASCAR race you can always haul your fat ass, doomed brood around for dollar rides on the tilt a whirl, cheap corn dogs, elephant ears, cotton candy and fried okra. There are ring throwing and shooting games but nothing that would tax the mental retardation that home schooling induces on your little progenies who will one day grow up to be employees of the peckerwood emporium: Wal-Mart. The titanic struggle against progressive society ensures that the ability to elect politicians who will advocate policies to provide well-paying jobs, affordable housing, health insurance and quality schooling is sacrificed to empower only those seeking to transform America into a theocratic police state. The southerners are going batshit crazy these days, the ultimate indignities of a black man in the WHITE House and the spread of gay marriage make them fertile incubators of a sickened and raw insurgent virus that with the help of Koch Brothers front groups and the NRA (led of course by the Alabaman) yearns for another real shootin’ war with the north, and in their delusional idiocy they will end up every bit as dead as their forefathers did and for the same dumb fucking reasons.

Now you can say one good thing about Alabama in that it’s not Mississippi, the capital of regressive retardation and a state where the top priority in these dismal economic days is to ban and criminalize abortion. Next door is Louisiana where Governor Piyush Jindal’s school voucher program puts a smiley face on slavery and transforms the Ku Klux Klan into American heroes. Jindal, another fascist like ALL Republicans has recently called for the imprisonment of Internal Revenue Service officials over the latest right-wing bogus scandal and has an eye on running for President in 2016. Piyush though is doomed by the same exact thing that drives southerners to derangement over Obama – he is not white either, even worse he looks like a wax mannequin of Bob Denver. Little Buddy is doomed as soon as primary season hits and the potential Führers have to run the gauntlet of lunacy that effectively prohibits any sane person from appearing on the presidential ticket. 

Outside of certain areas in the Middle East the American Deep South is the most god-awfully fucked up place on the entire planet.But there are parts of that country within a country that are even more fucked up than others, but one redneck infested shithole of ignorance and violent intent far exceeds the rest of the rising new Confederacy and it's ......


Yes, the Lone Star State is in a league of its own when it comes to gun-totin’, bible thumpin’ chicken-fried motherfuckery and were this a serious country the ongoing weeping and of gnashing teeth emanating from every hick politician in the state they should not only be allowed to secede but it should be mandatory. Then all of the other moronic, inbred, Jesus juiced, firearm infatuated, easily duped racist shitkickers could just move there and we can finally get mass approval for that border fence and put one up around that lunatic colony. One condition of secession would be the removal of ALL United States military bases, the revocation of all aid from the hated official government and most importantly the stripping of American citizenship from all residents of Texas, the newest country. Why on God’s green Earth should normal and loyal Americans have to spend one penny of their hard earned money paid out in taxes to subsidize disloyal freaks with an outsized idea of their own grandeur. 

The state capital could be moved from Austin to that lunatic commune being built by the monstrously insane demagogue Glenn Beck. They can then channel their hatred of brown people into starting a war with Mexico (sans all U.S. military personnel and hardware) where they can finally use their precious guns for something other than waving around and otherwise serving as penis extensions. My money is on Mexico too, give me a war between the two and within a generation Texico would have become a civilized place, taken all of those ridiculous and psychotic revisionist history theocratic school books and pulped them and Espanol would be the official language of the land. This will likely be the case anyway after the coming bitter old white redneck die off and the crushing wave of inevitability that is otherwise known as demographics and the United States could have a similar normal relationship like with Canada. 

Well everything is BIG in Texas as the saying goes and is there a bigger asshole on the planet (not named Donald Trump) than newly elected U.S. Senator Ted Cruz? The Texas Zamboni has it made, he is a pampered, Harvard educated master of legal chicanery who as comedian Bill Maher recently remarked has “learned to speak fluent shitkicker”. Cruz has become a hero to the teabagger minions who are too fucking stupid to realize that the Texas Zamboni will never actually have a chance to be the Führer that they have so long been seeking because he really wasn’t born in America. The slimy fucker is from Canada, the land of socialized health care, not that corporate friendly piece of crap Obamacare that they so mobilize against but the real thing. By the way, on the subject of which, the corporate boon that has driven the moron minority to chewing their own hair off, urged on by nincompoops like Sarah Palin who is quite frankly the dumbest bitch north of the Mason-Dixon line shrieking about “death panels” what is lost on the baggers is that the Veteran’s Administration is socialized medicine (good enough for the blessed troops right?) the real thing too. But I digress. Ted Cruz can never be elected president because he is foreign born, now he may not be black and easily foisted off on the racist swine as being a secret Muslim from Canada but the U.S. Constitution, the real thing not the select parts conveniently parsed by the scumbaggers forbids it. You betcha there won’t be dozens of ‘protests’ in Waffle House parking lots by bitter old bluehair chiselers holding up their “Where’s my birth certificate” signs when it comes to the Texas Zamboni which is just more of the same right-wing hypocrisy and horseshit.

If there is a certain familiarity between the so-called Tea Party and a bygone era it is because there is – the lumpen Republican teabaggers are really a modern reincarnation of the classic Confederacy. There are certain elements in the country who been driven right off of the mental cliff into the abyss of insanity over the Obama’s re-election. The stars and bars has become a stigma so for the near immediate racist backlash against Obama the peckerwoods had to rebrand themselves and adopted the piss yellow Gadsden flag as the new rallying symbol. This by the way is something that has begun to be pointed out by real journalists such as Consortium News’s Robert Parry whose recent piece entitled The Right’s Re-Branding, 1860 to 1776 from which I excerpt:

The anger of Southern whites was reflected in the prevalence of the Confederate battle flag on pickup trucks and in store windows. Gradually, however, the American Right retreated from outright support of racial segregation and muffled the rhetorical threats of secession. The growing public revulsion over the “Stars and Bars” as a symbol of racism also forced the Right to make a stylistic adjustment as well.

The Right stopped deriving its key imagery from the embittered unreconstructed South and turned to the far more palatable era of Lexington and Concord. Instead of highlighting slogans like “the South will rise again,” the Right glommed onto Revolutionary War messages like “Don’t Tread on Me,” with the elected American government placed in the role of a tyrannical British monarch.

Though the Right’s imagery changed, the message remained the same. From the Anti-Federalist days of 1788 through the Civil War and the segregationist South to hatred of the first African-American president, there was a determination to prevent the federal Republic from acting against injustices existing inside individual states.

Only occasionally is there a flashback to the Right’s pro-slavery and pro-segregationist traditions, such as when the National Rifle Association’s new president, Jim Porter, a 64-year-old Alabama attorney, is recorded in a 2012 speech referring to the Civil War as “the War of Northern Aggression” and calling President Obama a “fake.”

Today’s violent right-wing rhetoric is also reminiscent of the pre-Civil War days when demagogues riled up Southern whites to defend their “liberty” to own blacks or of the Jim Crow era when white racists swelled the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan to terrorize blacks in defense of Southern “heritage.”

The major difference now is that instead of waving the “Stars and Bars” or burning crosses on lawns, today’s Right harkens back to the Minutemen fighting the British Crown. The Right also embraces the Framers of the Constitution as ideological brethren. All that’s required is fictionalizing the Founding era’s real history.

There you have it. The so-called Tea Party is nothing more than a fraud, a blatant phony foisted off on a gullible public by a corrupt media and high-rolling funders like the Koch Brothers. There was originally a loosely organized ‘Tea Party’ that was primarily libertarian and for the most part was comprised of backers of Ron Paul – DURING THE BUSH YEARS. In seeing an obvious opportunity the racist fascist right and the Republican party that is a willing host hijacked it and used it as an exo-skeleton after Obama’s election. Let’s face it, the extreme racism and cracker ‘Christianity’ wasn’t exactly a big-seller with the vastly more sophisticated portion of the electorate nor the corporations that benefit from the Republican forced austerity to loot the taxpayers by destroying the social safety net and redistributing wealth to political benefactors. Ever since Nixon’s infamous Southern Strategy the GOP has been a haven for bigots, theocrats, white supremacists, outright loons and jack-booted fascist thugs and the Tea Party brand rollout that capitalized on a maniacal racist fueled backlash at the nation’s first black president provided the party with a golden opportunity to hijack the spoils system. 

A vomitous wave of repugnant red-tinged slime sluiced its way into Congress in 2010 riding that pale white horse of southern based racist resentment and cultural populism. Some of the biggest turds in the political cesspool were shat upon the country in the mid-term “shellacking” including scum like Florida governor Rick Scott, Wisconsin governor and union busting Koch whore Scott Walker, the opportunistic little twerp Marco Rubio, now a U.S. Senator from Florida and the insipid fanatic Florida Congressman Allen West (such an embarrassment he was ousted in 2012) among others. Florida, the diseased penis of America and a state as corrupt as any in the nation was represented well as it was teabagger heaven and the retirement destination for bitter, bluehair fatties whose formative years were back in the era of separate drinking fountains and restrooms for blacks and whites, fortunately this problem will eventually resolve itself when they take the dirt nap and are permanently removed from the voter rolls.

The 2010 mid-terms backed by the neo-Confederate teabaggers effectively allowed for the implementation of the nullification strategy to block any and all Obama efforts to govern. Not that this is a surprise as nullification has long been a wet dream of the fascist fifth column that is the extreme right and a staple of southern resentment, right up there with Jim Crow. The irony of the Republican party of Lincoln freeing the slaves cannot be overstated, especially now that the party is the haven for exactly the type of moonshine swilling goons who could easily be on the payroll at the Candyland Plantation or stalking through the north Georgia woods looking for wayward sportsmen to bugger.   


And of course there is the extremely popular cries for secession, a cause that is very dear to hearts down behind the cornbread curtain I would like to mention a wonderful and very funny book by Chuck Thompson entitled Better Off Without 'Em: A Northern Manifesto for SouthernSecession that is near and dear to my heart. Thompson’s book is drop dead hilarious and he goes after the varmints like liquored up hicks chasing down hapless black victims in their pickup trucks or their daddies chasing down their sisters for sexual gratification. Which brings to mind the old joke about the criteria for being a virgin in Alabama is a girl who can outrun her father. He goes after just about everything including that sacred cow SEC football

But back to the book itself from which I will excerpt a few portions below -

Interviewing some fine southern folks at a church in Mobile on Obama:

Moments later I fall into a classic southern conversation with a balding, middle-aged, fact spewing birther named Marvin, who for thirty minute stands next to a wife he doesn’t bother to acknowledge or introduce. When I tell him what I’m up to, Marvin rearranges his glasses and starts vomiting out the FOX “News” – approved righty line – Barack Obama is a liar, a socialist, a hater of Israel, an enemy of freedom, a foreigner, the tip of the Muslim advance into America.

On Southern Militarism:

The southerner’s enthrallment with war and bloodshed, his veneration of defeat and disaster, his zeal of religious crusade, and easy compliance with the corporate profit motive, has repeatedly dragged the nation into unnecessary wars. Lately these gunboat exploits have led to not only the diminution of America’s influence abroad but a paralyzing depletion of public treasuries. 

Though let’s be honest, Bush would never have been elected fucking dogcatcher without the South. How depressing that we already know what the next Republican warmonger to sweep into power will do so on the same tarnished epaulets of military fanaticism enabled by the outsized influence of the southern polity on electoral America.

On Cracker Recalcitrance: (highlights are mine)

Michael Lind, Whitehead Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation said it even better in a 2009 Daily Beast article: “The battle in Washington is not between liberals and conservatives; it is between the Union and the South. The rest of the country needs to understand…this [Republican Party] is the party [whose] spiritual ancestors are the old Southern conservative Democrats, like John C. Calhoun, and Jefferson Davis and Strom Thurmond and Orval Faubus.”

Lind nails it. The unified southern resistance to every initiative from any “liberal” administration has deep historic roots.

The persistent defiance of every Democratic attempt to deal intelligently with national problems – be they recession, debt or childhood diabetes – has nothing to do with political ideology, taxes, health care, or acceptable degrees of federal authority. It has everything to do with nullification, disruption, zealotry and division. It’s part of a time-sharpened effort to debilitate nearly ever northern led government by injecting it with the Seven Deadly Sins of Southern Politics: demagogic dishonesty, religious fanaticism, willful obstruction, disregard for own self-interest, corporate supplication, disproportionate influence, and military adventurism”

Thompson also gets at the ugly but true idea that the Confederacy is embedded in what is American ‘Christianity’:

Churches in the south have always doubled as political forums. Preachers were expected to keep up Confederate morale during the Civil War.

And –

Not only is the South the place where 50 percent of American evangelicals live, it’s also the region from which the national movement draws it ideas and through which most of its fame and profit are harvested. Rabid believers are disproportionately southern – with around a third of the national population (counting Texas), the south accounts for 55 percent of the “electronic church” audience.

Nearly every important evangelical figure of the past century has come from the South (Californian Rick Warren being an exception). A recent Trinity Broadcast Network program touting the national influence of southern Christianity proclaimed that Virginia was the most important state for “birthing national leaders on the religious front”.

Leaders like Governor Bob McDonnell, he of the forced transvaginal ultrasounds for women who dare to exercise their reproductive rights. Just imagine the inquisition that would ensue were the peckerwoods ever to gain control over the entire national government, the states rights bullshit will be a thing of the past as it is chucked into the outhouse hole in favor of an oppressive federal government that will be embraced by the haters as they use every post-9/11 law on the books to go after their hated enemies which includes just about everyone. Other than themselves of course.

Better Off Without 'Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession is coming out in paperback in July but is currently available in hardcover and ebook format. I would strongly encourage supporting Thompson’s work because this one is a dandy. Just from scanning some of the “reviews” at Powell’s it is just one more log on the fire at the KKK rally – they really do have a big tent, all haters, scum and miscreants are always welcome there.

Coachwkr, August 21, 2012 (view all comments by Coachwkr)

F' the Left and the entire north. We don't want to be anywhere near you liberals. I have thought so for decades. What you did to this country, beginning with the 1960s, is disastrous. the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the beginning of the end because that law was merely thought control and income redistribution in ambiguous language. The CRA of 1964 has nearly broke us (welfare payments-1 Trillion since 1965), divided us (affirmative action plus its costs), made us less free (speech codes on college campuses, private businesses being dictated to by Government), and it created the entire racism industry with its race pimps, race cards, resentment politics, class war politics, and the entire bogus homosexual rights movement. The Left and its communist economic policies will bankrupt this country like it has PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain). Their "safety net" is nothing more cradle to grave support for "certain" people to get these people to vote for the Left forever. LBJ was right: "I will have these ni--ers voting Democrat for a hundred years." More like two hundred. This carpetbagger and his opinions in this book can kiss my rear-end. Every southerner I know feels the same way. Leave us the hell alone, and we will do likewise.

Let the fuckers secede. Then let the cold civil war go hot enter into another ill-conceived crusade of futility and doom and a new generation of gross ignoramuses can be chopped up into stupid burger by the military of the legitimate government. Maybe they will learn their lesson this time, contrary to the whiskey belching warbling of iconic red-state fatso Charlie Daniels, the South is NOT going to rise again, it never did and it never will. That is In anything other than rising obesity rates, unwed pregnancies, alcoholism and poor school test scores and trailer park meth labs.

So the Republican party/Tea Party is the modern day incarnation of the Confederacy, any sort of corrective action to oust the racists, crazies and religious fanatics will of course not occur because they ARE the party. Whatever lip service is paid to immigration reform by Marco ‘Lil Ricky’ Rubio (R) – Florida has gone over with the diehard racist haters of the party about as well as a fart in church and similarly will rapidly dissipate as the party leadership continues to manufacture bogus scandals in order to string up the black man in the WHITE House. Now that the ill-conceived attempt to Carterize Obama blew up with the botched Benghazi black op (who really did finance that inflammatory video?) there is now an effort to transform the arugala eating wimp into the second coming of Nixon. This is also going to go up in their hands like the flaming bag of dogshit that it is, better just stick to the fake Muslim, born in Kenya stuff scumbaggers, at least it fires up the rubes and hicks and another wave of raw racial resentment may be just enough to push the Senate into GOP control next year and the impeachment/lynching can begin in earnest. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is the epitome of all that is rotten in American politics, a treacherous peckerwood politician with fewer scruples than a meth-addicted transvestite Lexington trailer park whore swallowing redneck pork swords for the next fix. With due credit given to a certain immensely popular with the peckerwoods  piece of Wasilla white trash – YOU BETCHA that McConnell will lead the lynching party if the Republicans are able to leverage teabagger animosity over the trumped up I.R.S. scandal into Senate control next year.

The visceral and pathological hatred towards Obama cannot be explained in any way other than it being a product of southern fried racism of the worst type.  It is as clear as night and day and is as traditional to the American South as cornpone, moon pies and Klan rallies.It is not like the man is some sort of a Communist. Hell, Obama has been the most Wall Street friendly president EVER, the DOW is screeching towards escape velocity as it looks to top 20,000. Never mind that it is all phony and that the inevitable next crash, precipitated by the popping of the stock bubble created by Obama’s Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is looming. For now the corporate media is singing “Happy Days are Here Again” while apostates like former Reagan budget director David Stockman who dare to tell the truth are mocked and scorned. Now this new mega-million dollar churn may give hedge fund hyenas and other financial scammers hard-ons but it means nothing to Americans whose lives were destroyed by the housing market collapse and were long ago downsized to tent cities, suicide rates among middle aged people are also up. Not that the fucking retards who make up the backbone of the peckerwood nation insurgency care that they are screwed economically, when their bibles are bastardized to show Jesus as a violent avenger of phony morality and they have a war on civilizations on their own soil against a Kenyan Muslim in the White House they would happily eat dirt and like it. A Republican neo-Confederate impeachment of Obama would be the next best thing to the Rapture for the freaks.

In closing despite my loathing of those die hard neo-Confederates in peckerwood nation I feel obligated to express my sympathy for the plenty of good people (and there are a lot) who are trapped behind the cornbread curtain. This must truly be a hellish existence, especially outside of the major cities, much like being in the WWII French resistance against the Nazis. Southerners have contributed much to what was once a decent society and still there are many good things about the south: the late great Joe Bageant, activist and radio host Bob Kincaid, The Drive By Truckers, deep fried catfish and Louisiana State University football. I mean no offense to these poor souls so please understand where I am coming from, you are in the belly of the beast of the new Confederacy and while a serious minority, besieged on all sides by the revolting deviltry of cracker ‘Christianity’ and teabagger nuttery you can play the critical role in the resistance. Run for your local school boards, political offices and call bullshit on the bigots, snake handlers and Boss Hogg wannabe’s. As for the rest of you that I have so attacked in this piece – fuck y’all.

Just my two cents



God's Plan in OKC

One would go mad if one took the Bible seriously; but to take it seriously one must already be mad

- Aleister Crowley

Yesterday's killer tornado that ripped through an Oklahoma City suburb, killing at this minute according to online death tolls - 51 (including 20 children) will surely today be rationalized by many as being a part of "God's plan". This you see is salve to the woes and wounds of the rubes, and OKC, being the buckle of the bible belt is full of them. The charlatans, swine and run of the mill Republican bullshit pimps will be out in force today even as rescue crews continue to dig bodies out of the rubble. That much you can count on. I wonder if the ghoulish Wayne LaPierre will come out and say something insane like "if only they would have all had guns they could have stopped that tornado" or if Pat Robertson will blame it on America's growing tolerance of homosexuals to distract from the attention of his stamp of approval on adultery and I am sure that it is only a matter of time until Senator James Imhofe will find a way to blame it on Obama. Hell, the oily car-stereo thief Darrell Issa will probably try to convene another inquisition to gin up impeachment material.

Tragedy is what the tornado was, not a part of "God's plan" but it is another example of the increasingly unstable climate and the ever increasing severe weather events of recent years. Despite the millions of dollars spent by filthy capitalist exploiters on anti-climate change propaganda and bogus studies conducted by think tank employed frauds the future is filled with more killer storms so get used to it. Meanwhile, filth like the Koch brothers and the pit traders will find a way to further profit off of the coming catastrophes, that you can bet on. As for God's plan it would seem that with the prevalence of weather disasters in the American south, especially the bible belt perhaps God is more than just a bit pissed off at the foulness, hatred and lies that are a standard for modern American 'Christianity' and has decided to open his own king-sized can of whup ass on the region.

The dead kids are the sort of thing that hits one like a sucker punch, even a cynic like myself. Whether it is God or Adam Lanza the piles of dead little bodies are terrible but all too commonplace in this sad and tragic land circa 2013.

Just my two cents over the morning cup o' joe



The Police State Isn't Coming, It's Already Here

“It is when power is wedded to chronic fear that it becomes formidable”.

- Eric Hoffer

Not that I care very much for John Rutherford of the Whitehead Institute, a notorious right-wing think tank but as the old adage goes – even a broken clock is right twice a day. In his latest piece entitled ” ‘Boston Strong’: Marching in Lockstep with the Police State. Rutherford, who backed that ugly tramp Paula Jones in her lawsuit against the horndog in chief Bill Clinton cuts through the flag-swaddled dreck to call a spade a spade. Boston was placed under MARTIAL LAW last Friday, a day that will prove to be as dark as any in this nation’s history when all is said and done with. The Rubicon was officially crossed on April 19, 2013 and the only thing that is more disturbing than the massive show of paramilitary power in Beantown is the degree that it has been accepted, just another feature of “The New Normal”. 

I will now excerpt from Whitehead’s piece  -

Whatever the threat to so-called security—whether it’s rumored weapons of mass destruction, school shootings, or alleged acts of terrorism—it doesn’t take much for the American people to march in lockstep with the government’s dictates, even if it means submitting to martial law, having their homes searched, and being stripped of one’s constitutional rights at a moment’s notice.

As journalist Andrew O’Hehir observes in Salon:

In America after 9/11, we made a deal with the devil, or with Dick Cheney, which is much the same thing. We agreed to give up most of our enumerated rights and civil liberties (except for the sacrosanct Second Amendment, of course) in exchange for a lot of hyper-patriotic tough talk, the promise of “security” and the freedom to go on sitting on our asses and consuming whatever the hell we wanted to. Don’t look the other way and tell me that you signed a petition or voted for John Kerry or whatever. The fact is that whatever dignified private opinions you and I may hold, we did not do enough to stop it, and our constitutional rights are now deemed to be partial or provisional rather than absolute, do not necessarily apply to everyone, and can be revoked by the government at any time.

Particularly disheartening is the fact that Americans, consumed with the need for vengeance, seem even less concerned about protecting the rights of others, especially if those “others” happen to be of a different skin color or nationality. The public response to the manhunt, capture and subsequent treatment of brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is merely the latest example of America’s xenophobic mindset, which was also a driving force behind the roundup and detention of hundreds of Arab, South Asian and Muslim men following 9/11, internment camps that housed more than 18,000 people of Japanese ancestry during World War II, and the arrest and deportation of thousands of “radical” noncitizens during America’s first Red Scare.

To be a Muslim in America today it to be “Juden” in 1930’s era Germany, already the persecution machine is ramping up. It may not exactly be September 11,  2001 but it’ll do.

It is astonishing to witness the degree that unquestioning American lemmings so easily acquiesce to the rapidly tightening of the iron fist of state. This is what happens when a society is conditioned to live in fear. There was a time not so long ago where being forced to take off one’s shoes at an airport and being aggressively frisked by government goons would have elicited outrage. This is no longer the land in which we dwell, the sate and those who profit from it have seized on the September 11th 2001 events to justify any and all foreign aggression and the stripping of rights here at home. No perceived offense is too small to add more paramiltary equipment and training to local police forces, already augmented by the Homeland Security Gestapo. The bad assed bogeyman Osama bin Laden may now be sleeping with the fishes but leave it to the Neocon embeds, Dick Cheney’s stay behind network and the ever complicit state media to ensure that there will be new arch villians and “monsters” to arm the police against, now it is the brothers Tsarnaev who serve as our Emanuel Goldstein. As I sit here sipping my morning cup o’ joe there are forces desperately looking for any sort of ginned up linkage between the Chechens who set off their dastardly shrapnel bomb at the Boston Marathon and overseas groups, like the Manichean devil Al Qaeda. It is very, very essential for the America that we now exist in to keep the already cowardly public in a state of constant fear. I recall a book that I once read entitled American Terminator that examined the role of Hollywood movies as an essential propaganda tool for shaping and reinforcing the basis for a mythical American exceptionalism and its desire for empire. The following passage is from that book which I strongly recommend to everybody with an interest in just how celluloid serves as a delivery device that is very useful in the indoctrination process.
Fear is essential: ‘Be afraid, be very afraid’ is the American condition.

To live in America is to be beset by fear, anxiety and insecurity, to be surrounded by potential harm, enemies and evil intent. And the wolf is always at the door. A nation of optimists is the more usual self-representation of America. Repetitively, Hollywood films conclude with a resolution, a rescue, and the winners ride off into the sunset or snuggle into a warm embrace that reassures us they will live happily ever after. The formulaic ending, however, is necessary because the plot, the narrative, is founded on and propelled by fear and anxiety, the dark essential underpinning of the American condition. For America fear is an original, natural condition, the inescapable birth rite (and birth right), the inherited condition of a fragile existence that must constantly be defended. Without fear there is no America; constant recourse to fear is the motivating force that determines its actions and reactions.

That was until 9/11 and the brain freezing FEAR of potential terrorism in the USA became the ultimate talisman of the state.  Herman Goering had it absolutely correct when he famously said:

“Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country

And as Whitehead puts it

As the events in Boston have made clear, it does indeed work the same in every country. The same propaganda and police state tactics that worked for Adolf Hitler 80 years ago continue to be employed with great success in a post-9/11 America.

And the public of course always buys it, quivering, sniveling, pissing in their pants and practically screaming “please….take my freedom away”. Already, the Boston lockdown has provided cover for the TSA (an un-American entity that should be shredded into a million pieces and cast to the winds so counter to the concept of freedom that it is) to revoke the recently granted permission to carry miniature pocket knives onto airplanes. Really, just how fucking stupid are Americans if they believe that something so small as this can be used to actually highjack a plane? Americans watch too much television and too many movies, a decade and a half ago if a potential hijacker would have pulled out a mini-swiss army knife he would have been laughed off the plane. But the official state conspiracy theory of September 11, 2001 has become gospel that a group of losers who were allegedly well enough trained to take over jet airplanes with nothing but a box cutter and then to utilize their simulator flight training to pull off precision military daredevil piloting that even the most crackerjack pilots in the world would have trouble with has worked. It has worked out so well that any questioning of said official conspiracy theory is treated as a great apostasy and will have one immediately shunned by those whose worldview has been shaped by such lurid dramas as “Homeland” and “24”, but I am not going to go there this morning.

My oh my how the black vans will roll…